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Peter René Borowsky

Dear Sirs,
dear customers and interested parties!

I am pleased that you are interested in the performance of the new founded bo | systems GmbH.

In February 2003 the management of Faurecia AG decided to close the Sontra site in order to strengthen its basic competences.
This decision was based on strategic considerations within the Faurecia group, to which the SAI Automotive AG belongs.
As site manager of the company at that time I had to take the decision to close the company. Based on my social responsibility I developed a concept which considered the interests of the company on the one hand and avoided a complete closure of the site on the other hand.
Due to the years of experience I have acquired in the company I saw an economic and lasting perspective to continue working successfully on the market. Being a small and medium-sized independent company with an excellent product range accepted on the market and furthermore with good machines, an excellent know-how and highly motivated and efficiently working personnel I saw the chance to continue the company successfully.
After careful considerations and lots of meetings with my employees I decided to take over parts of the company in the scope of a management buy-out. bo | systems is a product of concepts and considerations.

Since July this year we have worked independently on the market. Natural fiber mats are mainly used in the automotive industry, we, however, are going to open up new markets.
I would be very pleased to convince you as well of our efficiency and reliability. Our competent technical advisers and myself off course as well are always at your disposal.

I am looking forward to a successful cooperation
With best regards
                         Peter René Borowsky

bo|systems GmbH ~ Natural Fiber Systems ~ Bahnhofstraße 13-15 ~ D-36205 Sontra